IDO UK to launch on 6th March 2024

IDO UK to launch on 6th March 2024

The International Dental Organisation UK (IDO UK) aims to improve the quality of and access to dental care, and to support overseas dentists in joining the UK dentistry workforce.

IDO UK, an organisation made up of dental practitioners, will formally launch in London next month. Its core mission is to support the UK dental industry by increasing the quality of dental care quality and improving access for consumers. IDO will also focus on reducing barriers for overseas dentists to practice in the UK to help bridge the deepening gap in the dental workforce.

Many thousands of qualified overseas dentists want to practice in the UK, some of whom are already in the country working as dental nurses or in unrelated sectors. However, registration processes are blocking easy recruitment. This is unacceptable at a time of acute staffing shortages within UK dentistry, and long waiting lists for patient appointments across the country.

The overseas registration exam (ORE), which overseas qualified dentists must pass in order to register with the General Dental Council and practice in the UK, is characterised by delays and long waiting times, with applicants sometimes waiting up to two years to complete the exam. There are also high costs associated with the process, which can cost individuals almost £4,000.

Reducing barriers for overseas dentists to join the UK dental workforce would significantly reduce pressure on the UK dental industry and improve patient care.

As well as pushing for reforms to UK dental registration systems, IDO UK aims to improve the quality of oral healthcare and advocate for high standards of patient care. Its vision is to create a vibrant community of dental professionals, both national and domestic, across the country, and drive innovation, collaboration and continuous improvements within the sector.

Commenting on the launch Chair of the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) and IDO UK Trustee Neil Carmichael said: “The Association of Dental Groups is delighted to support the work of the IDO. We know international recruitment is essential for the future of dentistry in the UK so the IDO’s role as a support structure, pathway to registration as a dentist, and beacon for professional development is incredibly valuable in delivering effective workforce planning.”

The launch event will take place on 6th March 2024 from 6pm at the Royal Over-Seas League in London.

About IDO UK

IDO UK aims to provide continued support to dentists in the UK, both nationals and those from overseas, and to unite, empower and advance the dental profession in the United Kingdom. We are committed to fostering excellence in oral healthcare, promoting professional development, and advocating for the highest standards of patient care. Through collaboration, education, and community engagement, we strive to enhance the knowledge, skills and impact of our members while promoting oral health awareness among the public.

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